The XIX Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS & The XIV Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems
Acting in the digital society: moving towards a sustainable future


ITAIS & MCIS 2022 welcomes your submissions of completed research and research in progress to the following conference tracks:

T01 – Organizational Change: Enabling Technologies & Business Process Design

T02 – Digital transformation and the future of work: Processes, competencies, and HRM challenges

T03 – Socio-Technical Perspectives to lead the change towards a sustainable society

T04 – Digital Accounting Information Systems for moving towards a sustainable future

T05 – Digital Ecosystems: A Sustainable Future for Business and Platforms

T06 – Digital Public Administration for Innovation and Sustainable Development

T07 – Emerging Technologies and Organizational Culture

T08 – Healthcare systems: toward a sustainable digital future?

T09 – (ir)responsible exponential technologies in organizations: managerial issues and organizational dilemmas

T10 – Participation, engagement and coproduction for social innovation in turbulent times

T11 – e-Services, Social Networks, and Online Communities

T12 – Evolution and development of cities in a “smart” perspective: Re-shaping the urban context in the digital and sustainable era

T13 – Data management, statistics and data analytics for sustainability goals

T14 – Digital, organizational and managerial tools to support sustainable Open Innovation in improving firm performance

T15 – Innovating Sustainability: Strategic Impact of Digital Processes, Products, and Services

T16 – Digital Transformation: new entrepreneurial strategies and mindset

T17 – Sustainable service design and innovation for creating a smart future in digital and turbulent times