The XIII Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems
The XVI Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS


ITAIS & MCIS 2019 welcomes your submissions of completed research and research in progress to the following conference tracks

T00 – General track: submissions that do not fit in one of the themes below may be submitted in the general track of the conference
Co-Chairs: S. Kokolakis (U. of the Aegean), I. Ramos (University of Minho), B.R. Schlichter (Aarhus U.)

T01 – Digital competence and work organization in public sector organizations and services
Co-Chairs: F. Buonocore (U. of Naples Parthenope), R. Agrifoglio (U. of Naples Parthenope), A. Giangreco (IESEG School of Management)

T02 – Accounting, Auditing and Controlling in the information and digital age
Co-Chairs: K. Corsi (U. of Sassari), P. Dameri (U. of Genova), E. Bonson (University of Huelva, ES), M. Vasarhelyi (Rutgers University)

T03 – Sustainable digitalization and innovation in healthcare, welfare and third sector
Co-Chairs:  M. Grisot (Westerdals Oslo ACT, NO), C. Luo (Southwest Medical University, China), V. Iacopino (U. LUISS), T. Lindroth (U. of Gothenburg)

T04 – Digital Ecosystems: Trends, Perspectives and Opportunities
Co-Chairs: L. Caporarello (SDA Bocconi), J. Pallud (Strasbourg Business School), E. Scornavacca (Merrick School of Business, Baltimore)

T05 – Artificial Intelligence and the Interplay with business innovation
Co-Chairs: S. Fosso-Wamba (Toulouse Business School), M. Queiroz (U. of São Paulo), E. Mosconi (U. of Sherbrooke)

T06 – Designing Smart Organizations. Novel theories, methods, and applications
Co-Chairs: L. Tirabeni (U. Turin), A. Rapp (U. Turin), R.F. Ciriello (IT U. of Copenhagen), F. Butera (U. of Milano Bicocca)

T07 – Management, Governance & Portfolio Management of Digitalization Projects
Co-Chairs: M.E. Nenni (U. of Naples Federico II), R. Winter (U. of St. Gallen)

T08 – User-driven innovation in the public and private sector: participation, engagement and coproduction
Co-Chairs: W. Castelnovo (U. of Insubria), P. Depaoli (Sapienza U.), N.G. Badr (Grenoble Graduate School of Business, FR)

T09 – Industry 4.0, co-creation and sustainability: insights from global digitalised production
Co-Chairs: F. Bellini (Uninettuno U.), F. D’Ascenzo (Sapienza U.), A.M. Dima (Bucharest U.)

T10 – Traditional and Future e-Government: from e-Government 1.0 to e-Government 3.0
Co-Chairs: E. Loukis (U. of the Aegean), Y. Charalabidis (U. of the Aegean), C. Alexopoulos (U. of the Aegean)

T11 – Socio-Technical perspectives for the future of work and society
Co-Chairs: P. Bednar (U. of Portsmouth), F. Cabitza (U. Milano Bicocca), A. Ravarini (LIUC), M. Sadok (U. of Portsmouth)

T12 – Online communities as a new form of digital collective action in a digital society
Co-Chairs: A.M. Braccini (U. della Tuscia), T. Federici (U. della Tuscia), Ø. Sæbø (U. of Agder, NO)

T13 – Big Data and Business Analytics Ecosystems
Co-Chairs: I.O. Pappas (U. of Agder, NO), P. Mikalef (NTNU, NO), M.N. Giannakos (NTNU, NO), J. Krogstie (NTNU, NO)