XVIII Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS
Digital resilience and sustainability: people, organizations, and society


ITAIS 2021 welcomes your submissions of completed research and research in progress to the following conference tracks

T01 – Organizational Change and Enabling Technologies
Track Chairs: F. Bolici (U. of Cassino), K. Jacobs (RWTH Aachen U.), P.Lindgren (Aarhus U.), F. Virili (U. Sassari)

T02 – The role of e-HRM and digital innovation in Human Resources Management
Track Chairs: R. Bissola (U. Cattolica), T. Bondarouk (U. of Twente), S. Strohmeier (Saarland U.), T. Torre (U. Genoa)

T03 – Socio-Technical perspectives for a sustainable future of work and society
Track Chairs: P. Bednar (U. of Portsmouth), A. Locoro (LIUC), A. Ravarini (LIUC), M. Sadok (U. of Portsmouth)

T04 – Human Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence
Track Chairs: T. Di Mascio (U. of L’Aquila), L. Laura (UniNettuno U.), E. Veglianti (Catholique U. of Lille)

T05 – Digital Accounting information systems in resilient and sustainable organizations and society
Track Chairs: D. Mancini (U. of Teramo), E. Bonson (U. of Huelva), D. Lavorato (Parthenope U. of Naples), D. Perea (U. of Huelva)

T06 – Healthcare IS and the resiliency of health provision during the pandemic and beyond
Track Chairs: E. M. Piras (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), M. Grisot (U. of Oslo), A. Resca (LIUC)

T07 – Participation, Engagement and Coproduction for social innovation in turbulent times
Track Chairs: W. Castelnovo (U. of Insubria), P. Depaoli (U. of Tuscia), N. G. Badr (San Joseph U.)

T08 – e-Services, Social Networks, and Smartcities
Track Chairs: C. Metallo (Parthenope U. of Naples), L. Mola (Skema), M. Guillamon (U. Murcia)

T09 – Sustainability in the Digital Era: from organizations to ecosystems
Track Chairs: C. Rossignoli (U. Verona), L. Bullini Orlandi (U. Verona), R. Wagner (U. of Kassel)

T10 – Governance and Portfolio Management of IS Evolution and Digital Transformation
Track Chairs: L. Gaio (U. of Trento), P. Rohner (U. of St. Gallen), L. Sabini (Hertfordshire Business School)

T11 – Post-industrial Design, Service Science, and Sustainability Development Goals
Track Chairs: F. Bellini (Sapienza U.), F. D’Ascenzo (Sapienza U.), A.M. Dima (Bucharest U.), I. Dulskaia (Eurokleis – R&I Lab)

T12 – Statistics, analytics, and data management
Track Chairs: M. Agovino (Parthenope U. of Naples), J. Beese (U. of St. Gallen), G. C. Guo (U. of Baltimore), A. Rapposelli (U. of Chieti-Pescara)