XV Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS
Living in the digital ecosystem: technologies, organizations and human agency

Doctoral Consortium Workshop

“Developing Surveys for IS research”

Chairs: Eusebio Scornavacca (University of Baltimore)

The itAIS Doctoral Consortium is characterized by a specific focus on how ICT-enabled innovation can support scholarly work and the interactions within and across scholarly groups, institutions and communities.
In its 2018 edition, the ItAIS DC Workshop will provide an overview on the use of surveys in information systems research.
There is a long and rich tradition in IS research on the use of surveys as a data collection technique to validate and test theories (Pinsonneault and Kraemer, 1993, Straub et al., 2005). Survey research in IS can be defined as studies that collect data systematically from more than a few entities and perform statistical analysis of data (Lucas, 1991). Surveys provide a method of systematizing the collection of information about characteristics, actions, or opinions of a large group of people (Pinsonneault and Kraemer, 1993). The use of surveys is particularly important in this case since it enables the examination of causal relationships between variables through substantial amounts of data to test the theoretical model (Babbie, 1990, Straub et al., 2005).
Participants in this Workshop understand the issues surrounding the application of surveys in IS research. The workshop will take a hands-on approach, enabling participants to experience the process of developing and validating a questionnaire.


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Participation in this Workshop is free of charge for all doctoral students registered at the ItAIS 2018 Doctoral Consortium, for all the participants registered at the ItAIS 2018 Conference, and for the faculty from the hosting University (University of Pavia).

In order to facilitate an effective organization of this event, please be so kind to communicate your intention to participate as soon as possible to: phd@itais.org