XXI Conference of the Italian Chapter of AIS
Growing in a digital and sustainable society

Topics for Track Proposals

We welcome both established and emerging topics that draw significant attention within IS research.

Please click HERE for downloading the track proposal template. The proposal must be sent to itais2024@itais.org no later than February 12, 2024.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Algorithmic management
  • Business Intelligence and Decision Support
  • Business Process Management
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Digital transformation
  • E-Business and Competitive Strategy
  • AI and Emerging Technologies
  • Economics and the Value of IS
  • eGovernment
  • e-HRM
  • Healthcare Information Systems
  • Inter-Organizational Systems
  • IS Artifacts and IS Artifact Design
  • IS Governance and Sourcing
  • IS Innovation, Adoption and Diffusion
  • Project Management and IS Development
  • IS Theories and Research Methods
  • Security and Privacy of Information and IS
  • Service Engineering and Service Management
  • Social Media
  • Sustainability
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Ubiquitous and Mobile Information Systems

Every track needs to have from 2 up to 4 co-chairs; at least one international co-chair; no more than 2 Italian co-chairs; the first one is considered the primary contact of the track.

Track Chair Responsibilities

We warmly invite fellow researchers to propose tracks on their particular field of interest. Your responsibilities as track chairs will be to:

  1. Collaborate with the program chairs on all matters concerning ITAIS 2024, adhering to the deadlines.
  2. Promote the track and be proactive in ensuring an adequate number of submissions (at least 7 contributions per track);
  3. Organise a peer review process for the papers submitted to the track. Each paper should receive at least two high-quality reviews;
  4. Propose to the program committee the papers that will eventually be accepted for inclusion into the conference program; nominate candidates for the best paper and best reviewer award;
  5. At least one of the track co-chairs should attend ITAIS 2024 and serve as session chair in the track